A film that has already changed opinions and minds…
by Jen Senko

"I endorse this film wholeheartedly.  It gets to the heart of what is responsible for damaging the mental health of America."

Bandy Lee, M.D., M.Div.  Editor of the NYT bestselling book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,
and Assistant Clinical Professor in Law and Psychiatry, Author of the textbook Violence.

Ms Senko’s groundbreaking film examines the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her father, whose immersion in its daily propaganda had radicalized him and his new fanaticism rocked the very foundation of their family. She discovered that this phenomenon was occurring with alarming frequency in living rooms across America. The film reveals the consequences that this radicalized media is having on people, families, America, and the world.

By watching and sharing this film as widely as you can, you will be helping to educate others about the dangers of these weaponized media platforms being  operated by @FoxNews, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and many other bad actors who seek a more bellicose and “dumbed down” public that is constantly being told to be angry at everything - rarely understanding that the real objective is to steer them toward voting for hyper-partisan issues and candidates.

The more people this film reaches, the less power they will have to do that.  At the same same time, you’ll be contributing to Ms Senko’s next projects, all aimed at reforming our media and preventing this kind propaganda in our society. We don’t just hope you to watch and learn from this film. We hope you to get others to watch and learn from it. And thank you for that.

Renting or buying the movie helps a lot.  But arranging screenings and helping us get this message out matters too.  

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